Miners' Position Index


Miners' Position Index (MPI) is defined as the ratio of an amount of all miners' outflows in USD divided by 365 days moving average of it. This indicator is inspired by Puell Multiple.


MPI explains relative miner's liquidation behavior compared to the historical average, assuming that most of the outflows from miners are heading to exchanges for selling. Also assuming that miners are good at selling their positions at the right time as professional traders, MPI is a good indicator for timing exit points (selling) by duplicating their behaviors. This also helps to view miners' profitability along with Puell Multiple.

Use Case

Spotting Exit Points for Selling

Given the interpretation that MPI helps us to spot selling points, we can benefit from the events where the large MPI values occur. In this use case, we utilize one of the well-known technical indicators called Bollinger-band to detect abnormal MPI values. The below chart illustrates detected spots to exit from the market, selling.

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